Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Simplifying The Holiday Gift Process For Your Company

We are all busy.  Days don't have enough hours to get everything done, work weeks are too short (yet too long) and weekends go by before we get to enjoy everything we would like to do.  Which makes it all the more important to take some time out of the crazy busy day to show appreciate to your clients and employees- after all, if it weren't for them you would have plenty of time to sit home on your couch and watch TV while eating pork and beans straight from the can.  Yes, that visual should make you grateful for the busy days and the fact you have a job!
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we can help you select the perfect gift to fit your demographics and budget.  Need a swag idea that hits several price points but want everything to fit the same theme?  Not a problem. 
mug filled with candy holiday gift client gift   coffee mug gift box trail mix gift    magellan coffee set executive gift
Keeping gifts similar makes gifting easier across all levels- like the coffee mug theme above or blankets below.  Adding your company logo in a discrete location or in a tone on tone color will go far in making your items look like a gift instead of marketing.
inexpensive fleece blanket with logo carry handle   fleece plush blanket employee gift client gift embroidery   oversize sherpa blanket executive gift employee gift holiday gift
Another way to set yourself apart is to have your gift arrive before the holidays- think early November wrapped in fall color ribbon or at New Year complete with horns and confetti.  You don't have to focus on Hanukkah, Christmas  or even the end of the year.  Be a little more creative with your presentation to really stand out.
While delivering your gifts in person makes sense if you have mostly local customers, think about the time it takes out of your work day (and theirs).  Hiring a delivery service might make more sense for local deliveries- or provide us with a spreadsheet and we can have your gifts dropped shipped for you. 

Check out some of our recent blogs about food gifts here and here to see our take on food gifts baskets, my favorite swag cookies (these are seriously delicious- and your logo is molded in the chocolate).
Contact us today for more ideas on appreciation gifts for clients and employees.  We can do the research and send you options to fit your budget, time frame and expectations.
Call or email us today and let us be your personal shoppers!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Holiday Gifting Beyond the Office

Sending gifts to clients, staff or business colleagues during the holiday season is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation.   At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we can help you select gifts that appeal to a wide target audience.  We can drop ship to you so you can personally deliver the gifts or you can provide us with a spreadsheet of names and address and we can ship to the individual recipient for you.  How easy is that?
Here we talked about food gifts that can be shared within an office, but what about if you want to give a gift that is a little more personal, one that can be delivered to your client's home or that they can take home for the entire family to enjoy?  Well, we have that covered!  We can mold your logo into chocolate, etch it into a keepsake cutting board, print your logo on the ribbon to wrap the basket in and more.
Check out these food gift baskets to spur your creativity:
food gift basket christmas gift holiday gift             food gift basket cutting board cheese nuts                  oil and vinegar gift set holiday gift business gift
      Gourmet Gift Basket             Cutting Board with Nuts and Cheese           Oil & Vinegar Cruet
       chocolate gift box corporate gift holiday gift              smoked turkey holiday gift employee gift                  popcorn gift tin 3 flavors 2 gallon

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to food gift options.  Let us help you find the perfect item(s) to fit your budget, needs and time frame.  We have kosher, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and more.  Simply give us a call or email us and we can put together several year end business gift ideas for you to choose from. 

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Holiday and Year End Food Gifts

Year end- it's the traditional time to show clients how much you appreciate their business throughout the year, send a thank you for continued business relationships and thank employees and staff for their hard work throughout the year.
Food gifts are an ideal way to express your gratitude.   In this blog we will be focusing on holiday gifts that are perfect for sharing within an office.  Check back for additional blogs that focus on ideas great for families and individuals.
Whether it be a dentist or doctors office, business office or other group you want to show your appriciation to, selecting a gift with a variety of items is a perfect solution- it offers a little something for everyone!
holiday food tower christmas gift            snowman gift tower chocolate gift                    holiday gifts mixed nuts chocolate covered almonda
     Tower of Treasure                     Snowman Tower                   Beverly Hills Mixed Nuts Tower

cookies popcorn food gift swag          cookie brownie holiday gifts office gift          gourmet food tower chocolate nuts holiday gift year end gift
Fifth Avenue Tower               Custom Classic Tower                            Giant Gourmet Tower

For even more food tower gifts suitable for sharing click here.
If you don't see exactly what you are looking for give us a call or email us and we will find the perfect gift for sharing.  We have options that are kosher, gluten free, vegan and more- all you need to do is let us know what you are looking for and we can send you options.
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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Promotions for Ghosts, Goblins and Adults Too

We recently featured McGruff the Crime Dog bags on our blog here and linked to additional trick or treat bags here.  With Halloween being the 2nd most popular holiday for expenditures in the retail market, it's only natural that it offers an excellent opportunity for promoting your business.  Whether targeting kids (parents) or adults in general, we can find the perfect item to promote your business or message this Halloween.
Reflective items are popular for trick or treat night- kids love them and parents appreciate the increased visibility they provide.  Drawstring backpack with reflective face (orange only); reflective zipper pull easily clips to jackets, shoes, costume, backpack and more to add an element of safety; Shoelases with reflective filaments are perfect for Halloween or night races.
pumpkin backpack with glow in the dark face        halloween reflective zipper pull           reflective shoe laces halloween runners
IGCXD-HWWME                           WZFXE-HKTVL                          PZBBG-HKTEP
A natural tie in with Trick or Treat, glow in the dark items are a favorite with kids and adults.  Stadium cups, glasses frames and glow bracelets are fun for community fall events, Halloween parties or trick or
glow in the dark stadium cup             glow in the dark glasses frames clear lenses rave night party                glow in the dark bracelet
 ZGCGG-JYXRH                        WBYYI-JCZRJ                             TGEBJ-IVIVA

An easy tie-in with Halloween and fall in general, check out these pumpkin themed items
pumpkin treat box         pumpkin flavored lip balm beeswax          pumpkin stress ball stress toy
FXDXJ-KGGUG                   IBXDD-IENIY                            DYXDG-IBVVJ
And let's not forget the Halloween candy to fill those trick-or-treat or Candy by the Carload bags.  Buttermints; snack packs with a choice of fills (jelly beans shown); Hershey miniature bars with custom wrapper.
buttermints trunk or treat halloween candy         halloween snack pack      hershey miniature chocolate candy custom wrapper
ZCBAB-KAVXG                         BXZFH-JWOPG                           JFCEI-HOYTN
 Need more idea?  Just visit our website at www.barefootswag.com and type in such keywords as Halloween, Pumpkin or Halloween candy for even more options.  Or, just give us a call or email us and we will put together some custom ideas for you based on your needs and budget.
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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Yes! We do have McGruff The Crime Dog Trick or Treat bags (and also coloring books).

With many options to choose from, halloween bags are items kids love and parents appreciate.  Select from our McGruff licensed bags or check our our other styles here.
A perfect way for businessess or restuarants to bring clients in (or co-brand/sponser the bag giveaway with a police department) is with coupon trick-or-treat bags.  We can include  the local Police Department information on the McGruff coupon bag, then make the tear off coupon the branding area for the sponsor.  And the metallic bag helps reflect light at night making the little goblins easier to see.
McGruff halloween coupon bag

One of our most popular McGruff style bag for beggers night is the white plastic bag with McGruff hanging out in the pumpkin patch.  This bag is also available in oxo-biodegradable plastic at no extra charge. 
Mcgruff the crime dog trunk or treat bag
Reflective bags make great give aways for Trunk or Treat or community events to make kids more visible.   Check out these two options for McGruff reflective bags.
Mcgruff reflective halloween bag          reflective Mcgruff the crime dog trunk or treat bag sheriffs department police department
SCWGD-BQXKC                   GCWGB-BQXKA

Contact us today at 866-247-4320 or at sales@barefootswag.com for more information or to place an order for your McGruff the Crime Dog Halloween bags.  For additional options click here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Variable Data Printing and How It Can Work For Your Business

Variable data printing (VDP) has been gaining in popularity in recent years.  Advances in technology have helped drive the price down, making this an effective and affordable way to really personalize your marketing efforts.   With variable-data (aka variable information) printing, elements such as text, graphics or images may be changed from one printed piece to the next using information from a database or external file.
For example, if you are going to a trade show where your clients pre-register, you can import the attendee names (or their business name) into a spreadsheet and we can then take those name and incorporate them into a promotional giveaway for your trade show booth.  Maybe a luggage tag with your company name and information on the front along with their name and address already printed on the back.
variable data luggage tag full color
Name badges are perfect for variable data printing.  Not only can you change the name on each badge, you can add a department, title or even a picture of the employee.  These also work perfectly for convention or conference attendees.
name badge variable data full color
Making direct mail more personal by incorporating the recepient name, community calendar of events, appointment reminder or even a map from their business or home to your location!  The sky really is the limit with variable data printing and what can be done.
storypac direct mail variable data printing
By creating a really personal piece, whether it's a post card or a swag item, it increases the likelihood that the recipient will continue to use the product for many months or even years to come.  Variable data come in many forms and is a unique way to make your advertising stand out.  Variable data is much more than names and numbers.  Here are some additional ways we can make your marketing really stand out:
  • Consecutive numbering or bar codes can be added to Loyalty Cards and Key Tags to create a customized loyalty/reward program.
  • Consecituve numbers can be used for an internal incentive program or for entry into an online contest
  • Names and addresses can be added to full color bag tags to add a personal touch to your trade show invitation or your next corporate travel event
  • personalized story packs for dimensional direct mail provides a number of targeting possibilities that can dramatically increase your response rate
  • Variable data can also be used to incorporate a different graphic or logo on each piece to make the item even more appealing to the recipient
  • Personalize an event badge with text or numbering and provide group segmentation (staff, security, exhibitor, attendee or VIP) using varied graphics and/or color schemes
        variable date chaning logo on printed swag
Adding numbers, QR codes, bar codes and individual logos to items are all possible with variable-data printing.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your marking unique and customized so you really stand out with your clients and prospects.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garment Finish Terms and What They Mean To You

In our last couple of blogs we have been working to help you understand the (sometimes) overwhelming terms you encounter when buying garments, whether for a company store, uniforms or for name recognition and promoting your business.  Check out our blog here discussing the different types of threads or the one here that breaks down the different types of fabrics. Today's blog (the last in this series) will explain what all those various finish terms mean. 
Anti-Microbial- this treatment prevents fabric from supporting or retaining odor causing bacteria.  This has become very popular in performance material shirts and is also a great finish for company uniform programs as it cuts down on odor.
Double Mercerization- The treatment of cotton yarn with sodium hydroxide to shrink the fiber and incease its luster and afinity for dye; the process is requested a second time to remove all traces of "fuzz" for an extra smooth finish.
Enzyme Wash- Special softening process results in a soft hand and a distinctive worn look.
Sanded Finish- A soft hand is obtained by brushing the fabric lightly.
Stain Resistant- Fabric resists stain penetration for easier removal of dirt, oil, etc.  This is a prefect finish for uniform programs, especially in the service industry.
UV Protection- Special finish that helps protect skin from ultraviolet light penetration.  This is a good option for golf shirts and well as T-shirts that will be worn for outdoor activities.
Water-Resistant- Light polyurethane or acrylic coating helps resist water penetration in light rain. Seen most often in outer wear such as windshirts, jackets and coats.
Wrinkle-Resistant- Heat applied finish prevents wrinkles from developing.  Most common in long sleeve woven (dress) shirts, but can also be found in polo shirts.
    anit microbial badger performance shirt                enzyme washed comfort colors t ringer t shirt                  UPF sun protection shirt                    wrinkle resistant long sleeve dress shirt Van Heusen
            Anti Microbial T        Enzyme washed ringer T     UV Protection Polo      Wrinkle Resistant Long Sleeve
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we are always available to answer your questions and make suggestions about which fabric or garments will fit your needs and your budget.  We can help you with your company store, uniforms, event shirts, promotional T shirts and more.  Call or email us today and we can put together some custom options that will fit your needs.
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