Thursday, May 28, 2015

Swag Ideas for Class Reunions

Spring brings graduations...summer brings reunions.
As the planner and organizer of the reunion you may be trying to raise money to cover the costs or maybe you just want a few souvenir items that classmates can have to commemorate their high school or college years.  Either way,  there are an abundance of swag ideas to fit the purpose.  And to make your life (and volunteer job) even easier we can create the artwork and layout for your items.
Putting your invitation or save the date on a magnet to mail out to class-mates with the links for a website or facebook page where they can get updates will keep everyone "in the know".  Make it really personal by adding your class photo or picture of your alma mater as the background of the magnet.
save the date magnet invitation magnet class reunion ideas

Wine glass, tumblers or other drinkware make great gifts and souvenirs that are easy to sell or use as favors for those attending the reunion.  While an etched logo looks really nice, we can use a frosted ink that looks just as nice but cuts cost as well.  Or, use school colors for a fun twist.
high school reunion ideas stemless wine glass     two tone coffee mug logo class reunion
check out out website or click here for additional drinkware options.  For picnics or outdoor events color change or glow in the dark stadium cups are fun options.
hits of the decade class reunion
Nothing takes you back in time faster than a song you can associate with a great memory.  Greatest hits from the decade your class graduated are great swag bag items that are sure to be a "hit".  Contact us for additional title options.
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection our team is happy to help you come up with ideas perfect for your high school or college class reunion whatever the theme or decade may be.  Let us research ideas that will fit your event and budget.     866-247-4320.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Essential Oils Can Work With Your Marketing Plan

Essential oils are increasing in popularity for home and personal use, so it's just natural that trend should work it's way into the marketing world.  Essential oils are derive their scent/aroma from plants by distilling various parts including seeds, roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruit, flowers or branches.  The Zen Collection we carry offers Therapeutic Grade oils which are highly concentrated.  The aromatherapy of essential oils engages our sense of smell and directly affects our mood.  It can also have an immediate physical impact such as helping you breathe easier and affect the way we function and interact with our environment.
Essential oils work well in an office environment as the scents are not overpowering and our small diffuser it perfect for an office or cubicle.  If employees are sluggish, tired or can't concentrate diffusing Focus (a minty pine powerhouse) can help give them the jolt they need to focus and concentrate better.
essential oil diffuser for office
Our small essential oil diffuser is perfect for an office, cubicle or home use (this is the one we all use in our offices at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection)
The Essential Oil collection comes in dropper bottles you can diffuse, roller bottles, reed diffusersoap, bath bombs, bath salts and candles so you can choose the perfect product for your marketing needs.
Let us add your full color logo onto the label of the reed diffuser, dropper bottle or roller bottles:
Essential oil roller bottle with logo  essential oil dropper bottle

Essential Oil products are make thoughtful and appreciated give away or gifts for a variety of industries: Hospitals (birthing center, sleep disorder clinics, behavior disorders, surgery center), Wellness Programs (setting goals, achieving goals, motivation, relaxation), Employee Appreciation (Incentive trips, work anniversaries, motivational themes, thank you), Special Events (wedding favors, wellness retreats, silent auction gifts, grand openings, community events). The list goes on and on, and we can help you find the perfect products or combination of products for your needs and budget.
essential oil aromatherapy bath bomb   aromatherapy candle with logo
Bath Bomb and Aromatherapy candle
These items come in a variety of aromatherapy oils or oil blends:
Lavender- Reduces stress, anxiety and promotes sleep (my favorite to diffuse at night)
Peppermint- supports healthy digestive system and mental clarity.
Lemon- Powerful aromatic and internal cleanser
Focus Blend- Helps with concentration, alertness and motivation (I diffuse this one in the office frequently)
Immunity Blend- Support for healthy immune function
Invigorate Blend- Energize and positively affects mood
Exhale Blend- Promotes clear respiratory function
Cloud 9 Blend- Elevates mood and increases vitality
Tranquility Blend- Relaxes the mind and body
For more information on the benefits and uses of each of these please contact us and we will help  you find the perfect essential oil or essential oil blend for your corporate gift or giveaway needs.    866-247-4320

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Super Bowl Commemorative 50th Anniversary Book

Super Bowl Commemorative Edition 50th Anniversary book
The Super Bowl is always a big deal (more so if your favorite team is playing) but this year is going to be golden as the NFL celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl.
A special commemorative book by Bethany Bradsher is now available (pre-order through October) as the perfect promotional item for the big game.  This makes a beautiful gift for season ticket holder promotions, sponsor gifts, executive gifts, holiday or year end thank you and product promotions.
The book is available in two style- the Football Grain textured paper hard cover, which is gorgeous, or the full color softcover edition.  Both books are 12" x 9", making them the perfect coffee table book for home or office.
Hard cover book.  Pricing with your logo foil stamped on the front cover as low as $39.95 each.
superbowl 50 year book
Full color soft cover.  Pricing with your one color logo added to the front cover as low as $23.95 each
You can also add a full color promo page inside the front cover of either style for only $3.00 per book.

These book commemorating 50 Years of the Superbowl include highlights such as:
The Games: The teams, scores, players, MVPs and big plays
Halftime Shows: The stars, the songs and the stories
Commercials: Excellence in advertising, winners and losers
Parties: Family and friends, food and fun, recipes, beer and beverages
And much more: Equipment, gampling, superstitions and super facts.

About the Author- Bethany Bradsher has been a sportswriter since 1990.  She has covered the Carolina Panthers and authored several sports books.
Contact us today to order your books (minimum of 50 books with a logo)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tennis Anyone?

As far as recreational sports go, tennis is one of the top sports that is played by the most age levels and skill sets.  As I drive by the local park I see those people that obviously only play once a year and those in their tennis uniforms that are serious about perfecting their serve.
Whether you are trying to put together swag bags for a tennis tournament, increase attendance at a high school or college tennis match, put together items for a fund raiser or to sell at a tennis tournament we can help you find the perfect items.
Apparel such as visors, moisture wicking shirts and socks work well for tennis promotion giveaways, team apparel or to sell.
tennis visor logo tennis team apparel   Ladies tennis shirt team uniform mositure wicking shirt   tennis sock with logo
Your logo, event name or team name can be added to apparel by embroidery, screen print or transfer. And if you like it sparkly, we can even add some bling with rhinestone or glitter imprint!  We will work with you to find the best decoration method to fit your needs.
Tennis theme giveaways or swag bag fillers can be both fun and functional like the items below.  Adding your logo and and catchy tag line such as "The ball is in your court" or "our goal is to SERVE you better".
tennis ball can coolie tennis swag   tennis ball key tag swag bag   tennis drawstring bag swag bag
And of course we have Tennis Balls- single or in cans and Tennis Skirts and other tennis related swag.

Contact our team today and we can put together ideas based on your needs and budget.   866-247-4320

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fishing Promotions To Catch the Big One

While fishing isn't a sport on the level of football or basketball, there are many unique promotional items that can be branded with a logo to promote your event, company or marketing theme.  Below are some case studies about how various companies have used fishing related swag to promote their business or organization.  These should get the ideas flowing, but if you need more help, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will gladly help!
  • Put your name of a Rapala lure to "Reel in the Big Customer".
  • A lawn care company puts their logo on a weedless lure with the tag line "We'll keep the weeds out".
  • A radio station hands out bobbers at the State and County fair with their call letters on the side
  • A car dealership hands out red spoons with "We dare you to test drive the BMW.  You'll be hooked"
Rapala fishing lure with logo imprint fishing swag
  • Marina handed out spoon key chains with their phone number an what time of day happy hour is
  • Auto parts warehouse handed out a Tackle Box Kit at their sales meeting.  They opened the meeting with "Land the Big One".
  • Lure customers into your trade show booth while introducing a new product line with a lure imprinted with your logo and slogan.
fly fishing tackle box with imprint
  • Bobbers are a perfect promotion for "Take a Kid Fishing" swag bags
  • Technology company mailed out filet knives letting their customers know that "We are on the cutting edge".
  • Trout shaped can coolies are an inexpensive and lightweight giveaway for sportsmen shows, marinas and boat manufacturers
fishing bobber logoed fishing swag
Whether you are building a promotion around a fishing tournament or just a fishing theme, we have the swag to help you.  In addition to the ideas above we can add your logo to such items as Columbia fishing shirts, eyeglass or sunglass retainers, waterproof pouches and more.
Call or email our team today so we can put together ideas to fit your marketing needs and your budget.      866-247-4320

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Game Day Promotions and Fan Giveaways

"The first 500 fans get a free poster....embroidered hat...rally towel."  Oh, the possibilities are endless!
Game day promotions are fun and exciting for fans and at Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we love helping our clients with creative ideas to build the excitement.  If these items are going to kids under 12 we will help you make sure your items are CPSIA compliant- just let us know their intended use.
Bobble heads are popular fan giveaways for Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball and more.  We can create a mascot bobble head or do a series of the team to make them collectors items.  These can also double and items to sell in the fan shop.  Or let each fan become a "team member" with picture frame bobble head.
custom hockey bobblehead fan giveaway    picture frame bobble head fan giveaway
Team necklaces braided with team colors (or if price is a consideration let's downsize it to a bracelet), or fun dye sublimated shoe laces with your sport of choice, team mascot or team colors.
team necklace team colors fan giveaways     fan giveaways game day swag shoelaces
Fan interaction and involvement makes every game more fun and exciting.  Check out these fan favorites:
foam finger sports fan giveaways cheer     fan wig crazy hair fan giveway
Tech tattoos come in the full pager version (below) or single decals.  These are removable so they are an ideal way to decorate cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.  These are easy to custom design with a moscot, team jersey and more- let's get creative!
tech tattoos sports stickers decals
Let us help you with your next game day promotion, fan giveaway or fan involvement project.  We will put ideas together that fit your needs and budget.          866-247-4320

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Hit Your Pomotions Out of the Ballpark

Whether you are trying to promote a college baseball team or little league, designing a marketing promotion with a baseball theme (I'm thinking slogans like "We hit it out of the park", "Our service is a home run", "You are safe with us") or putting together a company sponsored outing to a game, we have an abundance of baseball themed swag to help you out.
baseball cowbell noisemaker   custom baseball bank swag fan giveaways   baseball can cooler fan swag
baseball bottle opener baseball game giveaways   baseball chip clip baseball promotion
And what's a baseball game without snacks?  I mean, honestly, it's the only reason I can sit through a game.  These fun boxes are filled with caramel corn and printed with a baseball theme to get you through the 7th Inning Stretch.  Fun for trade show handouts, in store promotions or for company game outings.
cracker jack snack box baseball swag

All the classic baseball snacks packaged together make a memorable gift for season ticket holders, sponsors or for each employee going to the game.  Filled with Cracker Jacks, Baseball Peanuts and Big League Chew. We can add your full color imprint to the insert inside the tube so your maketing message is clearly visible.
Cracker Jacks baseball peanuts big league chew baseball swag
No team is complete without a uniform and we have you covered on all aspects of the baseball apparel.  Button up baseball jerseys make great "uniforms" for trade shows, fan apparel at games or even as a fundraiser for parents for little league. Two tone raglan sleeve jerseys come in styles for men, ladies and kids so they make a great promotion for a company picnic, festivals, or game day giveaways.  And of course we can't forget the iconic baseball cap- great for company outings, in-store giveaways or hand outs for clients.
Baseball jersey with company logo   raglan sleeve baseball jersey adult youth   mesh back baseball cap swag
Contact our team at Barefoot Promotions your Swag Connection to let us help you come up with cool swag ideas for your next promotion, event or company outing!   866-247-4320