Monday, March 30, 2015

Trade Show Swag

For the last month we have been focusing on all things trade show and convention related, such as our blog here about booths and displays and another on how to generate more traffic to your booth here.
While many corporate exhibit at large national coventions or association trade shows,  not everyone has the need to go all out on a both, sometimes just a table cover and some customized swag are all you need.  Today we are going to focus just on those items we can print with your logo- whatever you want to call them- promotional products, giveaway, swag, tchotchke, trinket, etc.
However, we want to help you find the right item, not just something to hand out.  Make it useful to the recipient, make it relevant to your product, make it memorable.  Buying a pen because it's .20 just to have a trinket to hand out is not an effective marketing tool.  Let us help you with swag ideas that will get your message across and make you stand out in the mind of your clients.
(click on image below to view full description on our website)
microbifer pouch bag with drawstring    microfiber cleaning cloth    mobile phone rest holder non slip

silicone cell phone wallet pocket    adhesive note pad swag    mobile phone charger battery backup
Contact us today to let us help you find the perfect item to promote your business!   866-247-4320

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trade Show Booths in the Theme of Things

We have been exploring all aspects of trade shows and convention planning, from your booth (read all about it here) to fun activities to draw attendees in (check out the fun here).
Today’s topic is all about basing an entire trade show, or just your booth, around a theme.  Whether you consider them fun or hokie, tying into a theme can make you stand out from the sea of other exhibitors.  Finding a fun way to make potential clients remember you when they get back to their office or home just takes a little creativity and planning.
Let’s look at some various themes and simple ways to tie them all together.
From Spring Training to the World Series, you can hit a home run tying your display into Baseball. A full color backdrop with a baseball diamond,  dress your staff in baseball jerseys and ball caps, stack up boxes of cracker jacks or have a popcorn machine in your booth with fresh popcorn, give away mini baseball bat pens or stress balls baseballs. It doesn't matter if your product or service is related to baseball, a little "thinking outside the box" can make the theme relevant to your marketing.
Spring Break or Summer Vacation is an easy and fun tie in.  Staff can dress in tie-dye T’s or Hawaiian print shirts, a kiddie pool filled with mini beach balls (for give away or tie it into an interactive game), give away sunglasses or sunblock and decorate with fake palm trees and throw in some pink flamingos.
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connections we can work with you on putting various elements together to get your message across and stay within your budget.  Check out these golf themed ideas:
   practice putting green for trade show or convention  golf ball yo yo stress toy
Integrate your theme into your backdrop, tablecover, interactive games and into your trade show giveaways.  Click on pictures above to link to full descriptions.  

Sometimes a theme can be as simple as tying in a product with what your business does like SuperMoney did in their booth.  By adding their logo to piggy banks and displaying them at their booth they were able to draw in potential clients.   They created attention with a custom swag item that tied in perfectly with their business- they help clients super power their finances.
custom piggy banks
Maybe you have “just what the Doctor ordered” or “the prefect prescription for…” and can tie into a medical theme.  Corny done right is memorable.  Dress the staff in scrubs or lab coats.  Hand out post-it notes that look like mock prescription pads or syringe pens.  Use caution with this theme though, items that may work well for an audience of all adults can bring bad PR to your company if they are given to kids, such as replica pill bottles filled with candy. 
When you are traveling out of state (or out of the country) for a trade show, it's good to let us know that.  For example, if you are doing swag to give away that will be traveling with you to California we can work with you to on items that are Prop 65 compliant, if applicable. 
When your events or conventions are family focused or where you will be giving items out to children, that is important we know that.  Items going to children under the age of 12 need to be CPSIA complaint.  By letting us know, we can ensure the custom items you get from us have been properly tested and approved.
We will be happy to brainstorm ideas for various themes with you- we love getting creative and working with you to help get the most attendee to your exhibit.  Call or email us today so we can get started.              866-247-4320

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trade Show Giveaways: Getting Traffic and Making Yourself Memorable

Let’s face it, booth space at tradeshows is sometimes expensive and you want to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.  One of the best ways to make your tradeshow booth worthwhile is to bring a lot of people in and make them remember you.  And the most effective way to do that is to create fun and excitement, and of course have great giveaways!
You’ve done all the right things to make your booth space inviting, but how do you get them to come to you instead of your neighbor?  Having an interactive experience is sure to increase curiosity and participation, and games are a great way to get people involved.  A Prize Wheel or Prize Drop Kit can be fun for all ages and can be used to maximize your giveaways.  Rather than people taking a hand full of what you have to offer, they compete to win one.  You can also require them to complete a task (such as filling out an information card) before they get a turn, further maximizing your booth space.  Tailgating and barbecues are also hugely popular right now, so utilizing that theme and drawing them in with the Tailgate Cornhole Set will also increase crowd participation.  
People remember you when you give away super cool or super useful stuff.  Anything tech is hugely popular right now and many of the products really do put the FUN in functional!  For instance, the SmartPhone Wallet sticks to the back of your phone and holds 2-3 credit/ID cards.  It’s a great place to brand yourself because people are practically glued to their phones!  Plus people find it very useful, especially when going to the gym, a night club, or if they’re like me, use it as a replacement for a purse or regular wallet.  Another great option is this Dual Port Adapter.  It’s perfect for road warriors and families alike and offers 2 charging hubs at once.  Whether you carry a backpack or a briefcase, Cable Wraps are a great way to keep your cords from getting tangled in the bottom of your bag.  This affordable giveaway is sure to be a hit with all ages.  Really want to wow them?  Give them the Ear Buds in Square Case to go with it!  And for something more fun than practical, generate buzz at your booth with the Selfie Stick.  Fun and hip for all ages, this handy device helps you take a great picture when there’s no one around to take it for you.
More common tradeshow giveaways absolutely should not be discounted.  Magnet clips are always a crowd favorite and have a long shelf life on fridges across the world!  The Alligator Clip is strong and affordable, making it the perfect option for a giveaway.  As more and more children’s toys require unscrewing the cover to replace batteries, the Mini Screwdriver is becoming an essential addition to everyone’s kitchen drawer.  A great pen/highlighter combo is also a favorite, especially the Nash Pen with Wax Highlighter, which won’t dry out if left uncapped.  Other oldies-but-goodies include Sticky Notes and Flags, Jar Openers, Lip Balm, Sunglasses, Stress Balls (available in lots of different shapes, colors and themes), Stadium Cups, the list goes on and on!
The biggest keys to remember with any tradeshow are 1) draw them in 2) get them to perform the desired task and/or receive the pertinent information, and 3) make them remember you.  A good combination of booth excitement, call to action, and fun and useful giveaways is sure to achieve those goals!
For more guidance on how to maximize your booth potential, or for additional giveaway ideas, please give us a call!  We’ll find just the right items for you.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Tradeshow and Convention Swag needs for Event Planners

In our last blog we talked about Tradeshow Planning and what exhibitors need to think about to make their booth more attractive to attendees.  Today we are going to address the needs of the show organizers, those that work behind the scenes for months and months to organize locations, vendors, education sessions, market to attendees, oversee early registration or ticket sales, and make sure both the tradeshow exhibitors and the convention attendees expectations are exceeded.

Once the location and dates have been set, it’s time to focus on filling up those booth spaces with exhibitors.  Using a “bulky” direct mail piece draws attention and implores the recipient to open it.  Use the card as either a “save the date” or to give a sense of urgency to reserve their booth space.  You can even add timeline countdown for the show (early registration discount, registration closes, booth set-up days/times, etc). 
direct mail with custom swag
A variety of items are available to make your mailer bulky- contact us for details
Now that the booths are filled, let’s look at the swag you will need to identify both convention vendors and attendees.  The number one choice is lanyards, which come in a large variety of materials and colors, including eco friendly styles.  To make it easy to differentiate between vendors and attendees on the show floor, designate a color for each (i.e. those working exhibitor booths get a blue lanyard with orange imprint and attendees receive an orange lanyard with blue logo).  Another way to quickly distinguish is use name badge holder with a color strip at the bottom or with a pre-printed title bar.
custom lanyard full color imprint
Having tote bags available at the doors to the trade show gives attendees the ability to carry more information from exhibitors and keep their hands free. Choices include plastic, non-woven (grocery totes), canvas, recycled and more.
    100% recycled tote bag
               Die cut handle plastic bags                      100% recycled tote bag
It’s also important that your staff look professional as well as be easily recognizable to answer questions or offer assistance.  Having your staff dress in coordinating apparel is easy with the wide variety of choices available.  Polos cut for men and women in complimentary styles is a popular choice, while blazers, cardigans or woven shirts can give an even more professional look.  Another popular approach is to use custom ties and scarves (A customer was exhibiting at a major industry trade show so they used a few versions of the logo and did different ties for each day of the show).
mens and ladies button up shirt with logo
Now that the attendees have gone home, the exhibitors have packed up and your staff is thoroughly exhausted, think about a thank you gifts for all the vendors.  It could be a food gift to be shared, something related to travel, or a cool tech gift like we wrote about here.  Imprinted with the dates of next year’s show, of course.
custom tin with cookies gift      convention first aid emergency kit
                    Custom printed cookie tin        Convention kit filled with all the necessities
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we will help make your tradeshow and event planning and execution easier.  Call or email us for ideas, quotes or additional information.    866-247-4320

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Tradeshow Planning- Booths and Displays

Tradeshow Planning One Step at a Time
Tradeshows are an inevitable part of business.  No matter what the size of the event, local community festival or a large industry only trade show, planning is key.
We have a series of blogs that will focus on different aspects of planning an effective trade show.  Today we will focus on Step One-  tradeshow booth and trade show display options.
The first thing you need to decide is what you are hoping to achieve.  If you are exhibiting at a community event then that may be simply to get your information into as many hands as possible.  Maybe you want to get contact information for small business owners.  At an industry trade show, perhaps your focus is to draw sales managers to your booth.  Once you know what your goals are it becomes easier to decide what you need to do to get the results.
Tying a theme into your exhibit is a fun way to draw attention to your booth and generate excitement with attendees.  Think of ideas such as a Doctor theme where staff is dressed in lab coats or scrubs and your product or service “cures what ails you”.  Or a baseball theme because you help clients “hit a home run”.   Extending a theme throughout your booth with the backdrop, table covers and handouts makes a memorable experience for attendees.
Total tradeshow exhibit package
Booth design can vary- but at the very minimum should include an imprinted table cover (fitted, adjustable or standard).  From there you can add banners and signage (retractable, table top, floor) and backdrops.  Draw attention to yourself at outdoor events (and protect yourself from the sun or rain) with a pop up tent.  Choosing a backdrop frame and banner stands with graphics that can be easily replaced allows you to upgrade your exhibit for future events as needed without having to start from scratch again (and saves money).
Indoor/outdoor sail signs will make you stand out from other exhibitors.  And if you need a place to display literature besides stacking it on a table, check out these options.
Other options for your trade show booth include balloons, event arches, podium and even lights for your display. 
Custom shape product ad inflatable
At Barefoot Promotions Your Swag Connection we can take your ideas and help turn them into a memorable trade show booth for all your event and exhibits.  Call or email us today to let us get started working on ideas to fit your needs and budget. or 866-2474320

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Which ball's for you?: How to choose the right ball for your corporate or charity golf tournament

So what happens when you ask a non-golfing female to blog about golf balls?  She interviews her husband, searches for expert advice from her suppliers, and of course, she hits up Google!
Golf season is a big time in the promo world every year, and every year I’m left wondering how in the world can there be so many different golf balls out there?!  How can they vary so much in price?  And what makes everyone seem to want Titleist?  So this year I decided to answer my own questions, which will hopefully help all the other non-golfers out there charged with the task of buying golf balls for their corporate and charity tournaments.
Golf balls consist of roughly 3 categories:  Tour performance, mid-tier and value golfer.  Hopefully by explaining the differences and offering product suggestions for each category, buying golf balls for your next event will be a no-brainer!
The first category is the Tour Performance category.  These are 3-5 piece, multilayer balls with urethane covers.  This category represents about 55% of the custom logo market, with the Titleist ProV taking the majority of the category.  The ProV 1 offers more control and consistency, and the ProV 1X offers increased distance and reduced spin.  For anyone that’s putting on a serious tournament with experienced golfers, I’m told Titleist is the only way to go.  It’s the ball of choice for seasoned golfers and whether you do an entire box, a set of 3 in a Titleist Collection Can, or even a single ball, you’re sure to make a great and lasting impression.
The second category is the Mid-Tier.  These are typically 3-piece golf balls consisting of a core, mantle and cover.  The most popular in this category are the Titleist NXT and the Bridgestone e6 and they offer about the same feel and control but are more budget-friendly.  These also come in a range of packaging options offering different quantities.  One great option with professional packaging is the PackEdge Business Card Box with 2 Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls.  
The last category is the Value Golfer, made specifically for people like me!  These are 2-piece balls that are designed for distance, but are budget friendly enough that you won’t go broke because your amateur golfers keep losing them.    The Callaway Warbird 2.0 is a great, top selling option that offers a brand name people will recognize, but enough affordability that you can spend the extra money on other accessories.  With all the savings you’ll have, you could really step up your game by offering them a Callaway 6 Ball Fleece Pouch with 6 Callaway golf balls, 6 Callaway tees, 2 Callaway ball markers, and a Callaway divot tool in a soft, durable embroidered pouch.    
This post just scratched the surface of what’s out there!  With so many options, no wonder I’ve had such a hard time in the past deciphering between them all.  So if you need some guidance or ideas for custom imprinted golf balls for your next event, give us a call and I’m sure we can help you find just the right thing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top 4 Golf Gifts for On and Off the Course

Whether looking to impress a client, thank an employee, or just have some fun, golf-inspired gifts are a big hit with golf enthusiasts.  With all the options out there, you’re sure to find something to wow them!  Here’s a list of our top 4 favorite golf-themed gifts that can be used on and off the course:
  1.  Cutting boards and other kitchen items.  Who says golf is limited to just nice weather?  The Sand Trap, Caddy Golf Bag-Shaped Cheese/Cutting Board, 19th Hole Cutting and Cheese Board and the Golf Ball Cutting and Cheese Board are all great entertaining pieces that are sure to please all year long!  These unique gifts are truly extraordinary and sure to have dinner party guests talking, whether they’re golf fans or not!
2.  Deluxe golf accessories.  Everyone loves to look like a star on the course and at the club.  Help them achieve that with the Woodbury Valuables Pouch, the Woodbury Microfiber Golf Shoe Carrying Case, and the Woodbury Scorecard/Round Golf Tag Gift Set.  These luxury items are sure to make any golfer stand out.
3.  The “everywhere” item.  Need something that can be used on and off the course?  How about the 64" Slazenger Champions Vented Auto Golf Umbrella, the Cutter and Buck ® Tour 36-can Event Cooler, or the Slazenger Turf Series Compu-Backpack?  Your customers and employees are sure to love and appreciate the functionality and style of these items and will use them everywhere!
4.  Office items.  Want to perk up a boring day at the office?  Give them fun desk and office items that will entertain and impress.  Check out the Ace Executive Putter Set, the Metal Golf Bag Clock, or the Metal Golf Club Pen.  Talk about a conversation starter!
These are just a few of many great options!  Call or email us for ideas that fit your needs perfectly!